New Purpose, the best full service office outfitter

New Purpose is a full service office design and outfit agency committed to listening to its’ clients, respecting and carrying out their wishes and… Nope; the standard sales pitch doesn’t suit us. We can do better than that.

Devising, advising, designing, managing, organising, communicating, problem solving, establishing, ordering, demolishing, fixing, securing, constructing, cleaning, moving, connecting… We do it all. We’re good at it. No. We’re the best at it.

New Purpose finds you the perfect new location and takes care of everything – up to and until we hand you the key to your new premises. Down to the last detail.

Design & build 

Our team is highly experienced. We know there is much more to relocating than moving stuff, ordering some fancy furniture and putting in a few walls. We’re capable of doing that of course – that’s a given. Just like listening to and honouring our commitments to our clients. But to label those things as special would be selling ourselves short. Our USP’s are more distinctive than that.

More creative, more beautiful, more functional
In over 25 years in the business, we’ve helped all sorts of company’s: large and small, snazzy start ups and accomplished family firms, dreamers and diehards. We’ve seen it all and we love it all. This also gives us the edge in grasping your current situation and translating it into the wishes and needs for your new situation. More creative, more beautiful and more functional. Time and again.

A deal is a deal
Clear agreements are in everybody’s favour. They make for quick, efficient and better cooperation. We keep up the pace whilst working to realistic schedules and communicating clearly. That’s how we manage to deliver on time an within budget. Each and every time. Without any unwanted surprises.

Our clients, our business card
New Purpose is a strong believer in custom-made services for each individual client. Combined with flexibility, creativity and thinking along with our clients – also when it comes to timing, planning and budget. That’s how we deliver more whilst costing less. The result: even happier clients. That’s New Purpose. Results? Check out some of our cases and projects.

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